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Mobile Camera Tracking

General Features, Operations and Characteristics

Panic Button Application


Mobile Camera Tracking

The Mobile Camera Tracking (MCT) is a passive Symbian application that offers a feasible solution to prevent unauthorised usage of camera device on mobile within the designated restricted zones demarcated by GSM Cell-IDs.

The MCT system is designed to offer minimum users control of the loaded application on the Symbian mobile device. The MCT installation package can be setup and configured using an external PC based GUI application to be managed by the system administrator. The installed MCT is also incorporated with anti-tampering functions and fraud detection mechanism.


Features and Characteristics

In operation, it comprises of following functional activities, namely

  1. Passive GSM Cell-ID tracking
    • Monitoring entry and exit of designated zone
  2. Active camera monitoring and reporting,
    • User warning, deactivation of camera operation and SMS alert reporting
  3. Periodical application verification and fraud detection.
    • Watchdog checking of system files
    • Registration of device IMEI with loaded MCT
    • Periodical status notification

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