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TopLink Pacific
 provides a broad level of security solution to address the security needs and issues.


Detection, Location and Disruption of:
  •  Active Interception Systems
  • IMSI/IMEI Catchers
  • SMS Advertisement Systems


Defenx is a mobile application designed specifically to protect mobile devices and their data. The Defenx Mobile Security Suite consists of :
  • Anti-Theft
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Phishing
  • SIM Protection
  • Safe Browsing


BlueFINTM is a locally developed portable Fingerprint Reader specially designed to provide precision fingerprint capture, enhanced image processing and secure transmission of the captured image to the connecting host using Bluetooth technology and AES-256 encryption. The wireless concept enhances the usability and flexibility of developed system and applications.

SmartBLUETM is another locally developed portable Smart Card Reader specially designed to support secure authentication and data transfer between inserted smartcard and connecting host via the standard wireless Bluetooth interface. It combines the convenience of short-range Bluetooth connectivity with AES-based encryption.

We also represent and work closely with our strategic suppliers to deliver End-to-End solutions for our clients.


ABILITY offers state of the art interception and decryption solutions that serve the critical needs and ever-increasing challenges of the security and intelligence agencies, military forces, police and homeland security services around the world.

It specializes in off-air interception of cellular and satellite communication networks and deciphering solutions for cellular and satellite communications.

The products we represent include:
Mobile Tornado provides Instant Communication services for mobile devices, with a focus on enterprise workforce management.

The products we represent includes:
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