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Ability products are restricted to authorized government agencies and law enforcement services only.

Ability systems are deployed for surveillance, border security, anti-terror, anti-crime, intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, target tracking, internal security, airport security etc.

Ability specialize in off-air interception of cellular and satellite communication networks and deciphering solutions for cellular and satellite communications.

On the cellular side, Ability can provide turn-key integrated solutions that cover all GSM and CDMA networks, providing real time off-air interception, robust, ultra-portable design and user-friendly operation.

Ability has developed advanced systems to cover satellite interception for major mobile satellite communication systems: Iridium and Thuraya . The systems can be installed on various platforms, such as vehicles, vans, shelters, fixed installations, ships, helicopters etc. They can be used either as portable stand-alone tactical systems or as front-ends integrated with larger scale systems.

In addition, Ability has developed SLIS – Satellite Link Interception System for interception of global and regional satellite communication operators (“Intelsat”, “Eutelsat”, “Arabsat”, “Domsat”, “Indosat”, etc.) including VSAT and DCME.

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