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Bluetooth Fingerprint Reader

General Features, Operations and Characteristics

BlueFINTM is a portable and precision fingerprint scanner handheld device that uses a silicon based capacitive sensor to capture fingerprints.

The captured fingerprint image is specially processed to enhance the quality and encrypted for storage on the device.

It has a built-in wireless BlueTooth interface for host communication. The BlueFIN identifies itself and provides Serial Port Profile Services (SPP) with the connecting host. In addition to the Bluetooth passkey and authentication, it can establish another secure communication session for command and data transfer with the connecting host using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).


General Specifications

Size : 102mm x 68.5mm x 18mm.
Weight : 100g
Operating temperature : 0 to 50 deg C
Storage temperature : -20 to 70 deg C
Operating humidity : 10% to 90% RH non-condensing
Fingerprint sensor : Upek TouchChip Silicon Fingerprint sensor, 18.0mm x 12.8mm sensor surface, 256 x 360 square pixels, +/- 15kV ESD resistance
Bluetooth transceiver : Class II bluetooth transceiver.
Battery : Replaceable lithium-ion battery, 3.7V, handphone compatible
Battery charger : Built-in Li-ion battery charger
External power adapter : 5V +/- 5% regulated power adapter 500mA or higher
Operating Speed : Typical fingerprint capture and transfer cycle time < 6 secs in good communication environment

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