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IRIDIUM Interception System

Satellite Link Interception System

Thuraya Advanced Interception System

Passive GSM Interceptor

Active GSM Interceptor


Passive CDMA Interceptor

In-Between Interception System

General Features, Operations and Characteristics

The IBIS is active GSM interceptor in which implemented true Man-In-The-Middle attack.

The system offers:

  • Interception for Incoming and Outgoing encrypted GSM communication including A5/1 in real-time and without cooperation with network operators

  • Interception for multiple concurrent duplex calls

  • Selective jamming capabilities

  • Extracting phone identities

  • Invisible and undetectable operation

Operational applications:

  • Off-Air Interception

  • IMSI/IMEI catching

  • Selective jamming of communication

  • Presence verification

  • Data Analysis

  • Direction Finding Support

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