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IRIDIUM Interception System

Satellite Link Interception System

Thuraya Advanced Interception System

Passive GSM Interceptor

Active GSM Interceptor


Passive CDMA Interceptor


IRIDIUM Interception System

General Features, Operations and Characteristics

The IRIS is intended to intercept all kinds of traffic in the satellite communication system “Iridium”.

System features:

  • search satellites and available beams within working range;

  • receiving and processing of 16 control and 16 information channels simultaneously;

  • detection of the beginning and finishing of communication links in both directions (from satellite and to satellite);

  • automatic traffic classification (conversation, fax, data, SMS);

  • detection of targets parameters (mobile identities, geographical position);

  • recording of intercepted information in Data Base;

  • display of beams and targets on the map

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