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IRIDIUM Interception System

Satellite Link Interception System

Thuraya Advanced Interception System

Passive GSM Interceptor

Active GSM Interceptor


Passive CDMA Interceptor


Thuraya Advanced Interception System

General Features, Operations and Characteristics

The TAIS provides receiving, demodulation, decoding and deciphering of intercepted signals in real‐time and can be supplied in tactical or strategic configuration.

TAIS provides following information:

  • Call content including voice, SMS, fax and data

  • IMEI, TMSI, IMSI of the MES

  • Phone number dialed by the MES and the number of the call originator would be available on some calls

  • Current Thuraya Spot Beam ID, GPS‐position (co‐ordinates) of geographic centre, and operating frequency

  • List of adjacent Spot Beams, their GPS‐positions and operating frequencies

  • Event Type (Mobile or Fixed Originated Call by Voice, Fax or Data, SMS, etc) that can be initiated by either the MES or the Network.

  • Date and Time of Call

  • GPS position of the MES, Country / Region

  • Ciphering Key Sequence Number, Cipher Algorithm, RAND and SRES

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